Monday, May 3, 2010

intro to essay 2

Institutions can’t judge individuals, because it make of bureaucratic rules to govern itself, which create a disconnection with real life. Its regulations serve as life blood. Sometimes these internal rules are/ or can be bias toward certain group in our society. Who is making up the governing rules? These biases may not occur intentionally. That why it continued to happen to minority without notice. The only time most people are aware of the truth reality of where minority races especially black people where they come from and how much further they have to go before true equality can exist under this brilliant philosophical politic known as democracy

post 4

Income between races is closer than ever before. However net worth between the races have a greater gap between them. The reason for that is because wealth is inherited through historical transfer. When one look at history the net worth of white people and black people never the same. What that mean is white people as a race had a two to three hundred years head start. When white were accumulating wealth black did not earn nothing because they were exploited in slavery. One example that can show the transfer of wealth is for example the great great grandfather of an African American they both were around in the time of slavery, while the black grand dad was earning nothing as a slave the white man was at least earning more what that means is later the white man can transfer a known family net worth and the black man did not transfer nothing to his future family. Which later create the gap between net worth between races.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


the kind of writing Neal is calling for is the kind of writing that reflects the community's identity. what he mean by the community's identify is that one has to write about his or her experience within the community. each community have something special to teach the rest of the world, with that being said the black community should not loose their values through integration. these values are the ideals that make that community who they are and it should be uphold in the arts that are created, to show the contribution of the community to humanity. Neal is calling for writers to write the story of the neighborhood through their perspective. The reason that inspired Neal to write about the need for writer's work to reflect the neighborhood is because in 1968 black people in Mississippi were underrepresented by the democratic party although they were the majority of the people in that state. The black people of mississippi created their own party to refflect their concern, although their members was not seated at the democratic convention in 1968.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

art loosing value

in class we spook about how the black art movement wanted art to reflect morality, well this article in news week show how movies now are a 2 hour commercial.because the art is being compromise for endorsement of product. for example in a scrip for a movie there was no mention of the actor being hungry well because there was a deal made the scrip had to now include the actor saying they going to a well known fast food place. apparently that how movies are finance now
art like this loose it value to the community and the artist