Thursday, April 22, 2010


the kind of writing Neal is calling for is the kind of writing that reflects the community's identity. what he mean by the community's identify is that one has to write about his or her experience within the community. each community have something special to teach the rest of the world, with that being said the black community should not loose their values through integration. these values are the ideals that make that community who they are and it should be uphold in the arts that are created, to show the contribution of the community to humanity. Neal is calling for writers to write the story of the neighborhood through their perspective. The reason that inspired Neal to write about the need for writer's work to reflect the neighborhood is because in 1968 black people in Mississippi were underrepresented by the democratic party although they were the majority of the people in that state. The black people of mississippi created their own party to refflect their concern, although their members was not seated at the democratic convention in 1968.


  1. Interesting reflections. It would be interesting to compare his objection to integration as the ultimate goal to Carimachael's.

    I'm curious about the connection to the MFDP: if we're talking about artists and writers, what's the equivalent of starting your own political party?

  2. the equivalent derive from the fact that he is asking artist to creat art that refflect them and the mfpd is also asking the black people to have their own political party that refflect their needs and concern.they both are asking their audience to participate in the creaation of their image